Monday, January 17, 2011

It's 23rd!!=)

The day has come again,
Years have passed,
It's 23rd birthday,
a long journey,
worth for me to question myself,
what have I learn from this life,
Hw much do I spent for Islam,

Things to remember (and not to repeat again n try to get away as far as possible):
1. In life, the more you know a person, the more you notice how uncomfortable/annoyed you were to be with that person.. haha.. but sometimes when you're lucky enough, you'll meet the one that has most compatible behaviour with you, who really understands you and you understand the person. Trust me, it's just out there. Discover it yourself! I've had mine discovered..ehehe

2. Eyes will always spread lies to your brain by tricking your heart.. It's true enough that eye really deceiving our iman in whatever we're doing. tapi, apa salahnya kalau sedap di pandang dek mata, tak gitu.LOL

3.It does matter to work along the person who think alike just like you.. if you're a very 'santai2' @ lek lek luu kind of individual, you'll struggle to work with a very structured, rigid, well plan individual.. take any example, may it be persatuan or assignment, definitely there will be outcome, mmg penuh senyuman dan gelak tawa lucu.. tapi dlm proses, dkt dlm hati sabar jelah even you're actually not enjoying the moment but in fact try to fake your smile giving the air of you're ok but you're actually not

4. The world is bigger than you think. Trust me, out there from your town, there's alot more good people you should know.. So go out and discover the world..better character in outside world. The market is huge and possibilities are soo wide.. so dont rush with choices. =p

5. satu lagi kalau pegang amanah, laksanakanlah betul2.. jgn violate amanah, Allah tak suka..kdg2kita pegang byk2 sampai tak mampu nak buat, atas alasan sibuk, @ ek leh lgpun aku pegang sbb Islam Ok!.. ni contoh je, tapi seryes, kalau tak mampu jgn pegang, Allah tak suka org pecah amanah.. bkn soal duit shj, segala segi perlu dititikberatkan, i.e tak buat program tapi kutip yuran beriya..ini kesilapan saya tahun lepas.. mmg mengaku.. pegang bila mmg boleh buat.. kalau x boleh bg kpd yg boleh.. tapi jgn sampai dijadikan utk x pegang apa2 pu.. ini kes lg berat, mmg bkn setakat Allah tak suka, org pun x suka. owh aku pun x suka dgn org camni.hehe

being 23 means, it's time for me to get out there and not be afraid of making mistakes, so that I'll learnt. that's how you'll learnt.. I have learnt my lesson, not gonna be deceived anymore. sebab tu lah org kata, nak buat apa pun, tgk islam dulu baru buat apa nak dibuat.. bukan buat dulu baru tgk kena x dgn islam..because I believe Islam is not rigid, but it's very flexible.. but in a way it's not LIBERAL plak ok.

cantik nya utk bermuhasabah, tgklah kpd diri sendiri jugak.. kalau buat silap mengakulah dan inprovelah.. manusia mmg punya ego utk akui kesilapannya, tapi ego takkan membawa ke mana

.. last but not least, just relax, seat back and have fun!! thank You Allah for my colourful life=)

"it's time to spread you wing and fly, bird's eye view is one of the best way to say this life.."

"before you leap, picture yourself where you'll be standing".. let us fly high in whatever we're doing.. smile! it always helps..=)

-MFMB @ 23thn 2 hari-


  1. selamat hari jadi Gg

    saje tak post kat fb, takut hang tak sempat baca. haha

    semoga umur diberkati dan dipermudahkan utk beramal!


  2. jzkk e'e..pantas sggh hg komen. hadiah mana? LOL=p