Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Mahar Cinta Buatmu..

Summer 2011, jauh berbeza dgn summer 2010.. summer kali ini bkn sekadar cuti.. Summer kali ini banyak berdialog dan berdiskusi dgn orang orang yang lebih dewasa. Berikut adalah mutiara-mutiara yang dikutip buat bekalan kehidupan.. Mungkin ada yang tak bersetuju, tapi ini untuk saya supaya tak lupa.. serves the blog right : WRITING FOR THE SAKE OF NOT FORGETTING..

"Professional kena bekerja bersama ulama'.. ulama pakar dalam perihal syarak, tapi perlukan bantuan professional dalam pentadbiran... Professional perlukan ulama agar tak tersalah langkah dalam mentadbir.. Bila dah jadi professional nanti, bekerja la bersama ulama'"


"Kalau angah boleh 'please' mama dgn hadiah handbags dari seluruh dunia, penuhi minat mama, lemah lembut bicara dgn mama, angah kena pastikan boleh berbuat perkara yang sama dgn 'dia' nanti" =)


"Semasa student, we tend to be idealist, pergi usrah semua benda.. semua benda expect turn out perfect.. bila keluar ke dunia sebenar, baru tau biah solehah tak semudah, baru tau siapa istiqamah, siapa yang kalah... kemuncup dalam perjuangan"

-Ibu seorang teman-

"Dont push yourselves to one extreme, takut nanti jiwa rebellious kita push diri ke arah extreme yang satu lagi.. a friend of mine, dulu study skali di US, bertudung litup, siap berniqab.. tapi sekarang jauh dari berjilbab.. Rebellious boleh berlaku bila bila tak mengira usia, boleh jadi bila dah tua, baru diuji.. nauzubillah.. sebab tu kena bersederhana"

-Ibu seorang teman-

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fairytale: Unmask the Masks of Ignorant

On a fairytale land call Happily ever after, there is no such thing as happily ever after.. perhaps there is, in Hereafter..

"robbana a tina fiddunya hasanah, wa fil akhira ti hasanah, waqina a'za bannar"....

Astagfirullah hal azim.. astaghfirullah hal azim.. astagfirullah hal azim..

below is an excerpt from a diary of a traveller.

Disclaimer: It might be my my excerpt, It cud be somebeody elses.. so keep your mind open while reading this. =)

Masks of human and how I choose to deal with them..


It has been 3 years abroad, I have been observing how does people act and react abroad. My circles of concerns and circles of influence are filled with the so call 'genius' of the country, the best our country could give (that's what they said anyway). Where do I observe? Simple! it's mainly on Facebook(people are more sincere and transparent of their stand on FB). Also observed in Galway, Ireland and UK. This writing is not intent to hurt anyone's feeling, it is just a reminder for me, that masks of human do exist, hence deal with it appropriately. Anyway despite all differences, I believe Allah has His own unique way of testing our patience about this 'perpecahan ummah'.. who will give up, or who will give their self up to Him.

Firstly, I do not intent to classify people, because who the heck am I to classify people, but it turns out that people do tend to classify themselves according to the group that their favour (may it be intentionally or unintentionally)!

The A'bid
This kind of friends, I notice they only favour to talk about da'wah and Islam..It is GOOD!! They'd rather promotes each other to do more ibadah, as the belief is that if each one of us has solid iman, then all of us will be representing a good ummah.. Maratib amal? ahh it steps by steps.. talking about siyasah? it's like lets do more ibadah, politics? just a discussion no need to get involved with it.

My personal issue with this group of friends is that I personally feels that Islam is not about being in the mosque ONLY, I believe siyasah is an utterly important element of living.. Been discusing with, because politics back at home sort of dirty, it lessen their interest in it. I have once ask Syeikh Khalid, Imam of Galway Mosque, a fellow friend about my a'bid friends, what he said "For A'bid, just let them do their ibadah, let them be in mosque.."

so how do I deal with it? Let them be.. there no point of wasting time explaining the important of siyasah. When i asked, they have a slot in usrah discussing latest political issue.. politics is just an issue to discuss, not to be apart to change the course of it towards islamic political way..If Dr Yusoff Qaradhawi can't convince 'em, who am I to do it. LET THEM BE!! THEY ARE STILL FRIENDS OF MINE. JUST FRIENDS, THAT'S THE WAY IT SHOULD STAY..I presumed.

The Islamist+Racist
Currently on FB, I have been eyeing on this particular group. I'm not sure what I have seen is the stand of this group or just a potrayal of akhlak of one of this particular member. This group is quite islamic but in another believe that this malay race (malay supremacy)is sort of far more superior than the rest in country.. It's like ruling party's religious affairs committee... sort off.. What I have seen, this friend of mine, keep on posting status or links that criticizing the mainstream islamist party.. having said that, he tend to claim that he's from independent side, where he would criticize or praised everyone if they deserved it. However, I noticed he's condemming relentlessly, controversially raising anger from others. sort off irony because, he 's been shouting of unity in muslim in our country, but sarcasticly putting away from unity.. weird! anyway, to be fair and husnuzon, may be has his own way of doing thing, may be by annoying people, he gets to his objective

so how do I deal with this?? Take wudhu' after reading his post, prevent myself to comment or wasting time discussing with him.. no point arguing in ignorance.. anyway, I do proud that I'm Malay, but I'm more proud to be Muslim. Plus IM NOT RACIST!!

The independent

Lots of my friends are thinkers. I respect of their way of thinking and principles.. I too myself used to be in this stream (i think,or may be i was thinking childishly), before time changes the course. The way of thinking is not to be fanatic in any group.. sort off more independence like and free lance thinking.. My friends in this stream are very good, sometime they remind every side when people start to go the extreme of the believe.. it's good to think that they keep people in check and balance.. However, when I was there, i notice this way of thinking require a lot of istighfar (not just this, everyone of us shud istighfar everyday for we may did mistakes without notice).. One question that bother me most is "Is this what what Allah want me to do?? Is this what Allah wants me to think?? I know we always think, but remember not all we thinks are the right things. =)

so how do I deal with it? These are very good friends to be with, they makes you thinks, and they have a great potential if used in good and islamic way (not in radical way)

Those who I consider as Family
Ok, this may sound a bit biased.. You know when you met friends, where their way of thinking (fikrah) yet their way of acting are EXACTLY THE SAME as yours? Like 100% same. These are the one i considered family.. why did I say so.. because when people thinks alike, the gets closer like blood brothers. Why I say this because, you know I have seen some 'plastic' brotherhood (sorry if its harsh), where people get close to you, treating you like 'jambu' and 'main belon' then try to influence or doctrinate you to their stream.. But I have found some friends who believe ibadah and siyasah runs together. who actually sometime have perangai 'gila-gila'just like me as well.. it's where, money does not matter (x berkira), whom our families know each others families, the same stream where my mom and my dad are in as well without forcing me into it.. you know it suits you, when you hearts say's so, you dont listen to other indoctrination, it's when you know, where this jihad in life gonna lead. It when it did not segregate you from the reality, it teaches you, that you dont have be politician to do siyasah, but joins medical teams for example 'skuad kito cakno' and starts giving to the people in helping the islamic administration? which admisnidtration? let me be completely honest its my state admin Kedah and the sister state Kelantan! usrah? do it weekly, it's for you, but dont forget to give to the people...
so how do i deal with people?? Like I said, other that family back home in malaysia, THIS ARE MY FAMILIES!!! WHY? WE THINKS ALIKE, AND I LOVE IT!

The Innocent

Despite off all I wrote on the above, There are friends of mine, whom I feel guilty for them.. I do not like to indoctrinate people.. I only want people to be on the same line as i did by their hearts, not by 'rasa terhutang budi pd abg' or 'rasa takut hilang kawan' or etc. I will never (or at least i will try not to) force people! I didnt like the feeling of being forced or treated 'jambu'-ly few years back, knor i will never to that to others.. be completely fair to everyone.. you know about inform consent, give all the info's that required, and leave the decision to them, let them istikharah. let Allah whisper to their heart.. dont force 'em, dont 'kepit2' 'em.. be fair and just

p/s: before when I was young (1ST year), I was filled with hatred and annoyed with the people who segregate people.. I was like literally, deleting these kind of people from my life.. but time changes the course it's like ' JUST SHUT UP, AND LET US DO OUR JOB!IF THEY WANNA TELL FACEBOOK THAT THEY HAVE GOOD IMAN THAT DAY OR HAVE PRAYED 20 TIMES THAT DAY, LET THEM BE.. IF THEY WANNA BRING HATRED AND ANGER ON fb STATUS, LET THEM BE.. LETS JUST CONTINUE WITH OUR RESPONSIBILTY.. lots of love to all =)

Monday, July 4, 2011

When the world...

klik background song ni dulu pastu baru baca ok, baru feel sikit!! LOL *kidding

DISCLAIMER: hanya bebelan sastera mlm2 saja ok!

When the world revolves,
Sun and moon interchange,
as stars linger around,
It's when love gloom,
and hearts grow, (cardiomegaly? LOL)
it's when absence,
make our hearts grow fonder,

When the world was gloomy for me,
the rest of the world joyously celebrating,
you see my problem, right in my eyebrows,
you spotted it, pretty well.

When the world hits me,
down till rock bottom,
you comfort me,
giving all the motivation I need to stood back on my knees.

When the world silently didnt notice,
You come up with cheap and adorable way,
of saying happy birthday,
I do not care of the gift, but remembrance is everything,
That single bar of chocolate seems to be the sweetest gift of all,
sweetest thing of all. (anyway i do got sweet tooth haha =p)

When the world sees nothing in my paintings,
you stood by me, giving critics that builds me,
You don't just respect my hobby,
but you embrace it.. just so you know, you are my best critics,
you are the brush to my canvas,
criticizing with love,
that's just cute!♥

just wait, it's not gonna be long.. =)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

A Funny Day.. haha

Ok!ini cerita betul.. takde disclaimer.. hahahahaha

Siang tadi balik kampung.. buat kenduri sikit.. so byk la adik beradik n sedara mara yg balik.. Ptg tu bbawak anak2 sedara sepupu (cousins punya anak2 jln2 kat bendang/sawah padi)

Sambil tu along (engineer perodua), angah (med student) n sorang lg cousin (semua bertiga adalah umur 23 dan ke atas dua drpdnya sudah beranak 1, ternampak adik bongsu ikmal sibuk bermain terebey/peredey*(bhs kedah utk lastik)... skali cousin aku yg tua tu tiba2 challenge, angah dok luaq negeri bkn tera (teror/hebat) pun terebey!! wah ini bikin panas.. skali tiba2 tiga2 org dewasa ni jd budak2 main lastik.. rule dia sorang tiga shot saja..ain utk tembak tin dlm 10-15meter jaraknya// so along n si cousin ni try lah.. x kena.. then angah punya turn.. tup tup, skali try 'ting' bullseye.. tercengang 2 lg competitor tu ..haha.. take that.. dok ireland n peredaran masa sikit pun tak mengaratkan skill aku melastik.. brgkali cousin aku lupa, aku ni dulu jaguh kg ni kot lastik!! ahhaha

kemudian ada anak cousin aku ni dua org, si kakak namanya balqis (umur dlm 5 tahun), adik dia adam (umur dlm 3 tahun)... kakak ni comel sket, mulut banyak, talktative, cakp pandai betol.. so si balqis ni tgh main korek2 pasir dgn btg kayu yg dia dapat.. adik dia pulak dok kacau dia mengorek dgn cara menenam balik apa yg balqis dah buat... aku berdiri di sebelah dua beradik tu sbb masa tu tgh aim melastik (scene pertandingan melastik tadi tu lah kan)... tiba2 kemuar dialog neh

balqis: ishh! adik, pi la main dgn pak ngah(aku) nuh!!! *muka bengang dgn adik dia
pak ngah: apsal kena main dgn pak ngah plak!! *aku cuba mengusik
balqis: sebab pak ngah HENSEMMMM!!!!! *MUKA TETIBE JE BLUSHING sambil tunduk melihat bumi
aku, along dan semua cousins2 lain (ada la dlm 6 prg kami semua kire adult la): gelak golek2 serentak..
pak ngah: pfftttt!!! LOL!

p/s: you know when people say that children dont lie.. i bet balqisd dont lie this evening!! ngahahah!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

a walkabout..

lama tak menulis cerita..
DISCLAIMER: di bawah adalah sebuah kisah rekaan ok tapi based on true story... watak2 adalh rekaan semata ok! (^_^) jgn associate dgn sesiapa pun in real life ok, termasuk writer..

muhasabah diri: betul ka kita sudah dewasa??

"Melihat perkara pada perspektif yang berbeza antara along dan angah, mungkin benar along sudah dewasa, tapi aku masih merangkak ke arah kedewasaan".. bisik hati si angah.

Sebenarnya mereka berdua keluar ke pasar malam bersama. Adik2 lagi dua juga ikut sama. Sebenarnya si angah baru balik bercuti summer dari luar negara. biasalah dia mengidam itu dan ini. Si along pula sudah bekerja, dan sudah bekeluarga anak satu. baby pertama baru berumur 40 hari. Along bekerja sbg engineer di sebuah syarikat membuat kereta tersohor malaysia.

Hampir sembilan bulan tak bertemu, angah perhati rapat tingkah laku along, bisik hati angah, along berbeza benar, tindak tanduk along, lagak along seperti abah kami.. matang.. penuh nilai orang dewasa..

Tapi angah masih lagi dengan nafsu serakah makannya. tunjuk itu ini, dadih, air tebu, char kue tiaw, satay... mcm2, jarinya seperti tak henti menunjuk. along hanya tersenyum bayarkan saja apa adiknya minta..

Angah senyum lebar sampai ke telinga sebab tak payah bayar, alasannya duit euro tak tukar lagi.,hahha. Ahh tak kisah pun, along mmg tak berkira.. sesekali angah mengusik along, alorh engineer kereta gaji lebat kot!! daa.. ngahaha..

Di sebalik kegembiraan itu, angah perasan satu perkara gaya shopping along dah berubah.. dulu kalau kami keluar berdua kami hanya shop makanan lah kan.. apa lagi, tapi kali ni along shopping mcm abah n mama shopping.. sebabnya si angah dulu jugak kerap ikut abah mama ke market.. Along singgah di gerai sayur, beli bayam, kacang panjang, kubis.. bisik hati angah "eh sejak bila pulak along mkn sayur neh?? seingat aku dia anti sayur mcm aku gak?".

Baghda itu, along beli ayam seekor RM13.. sambil tu along bisik di telinga angah, " sekarang ayam mahal, ada org jual guna kilo, jauh lagi mahal, tapi kalau yg jual seekor dgn fix price jauh lg murah".. angah kerut muka, bisik lagi dlm hati "apahal plak along cakap pasal ekonomi neh, takkan la engineer besor gini pun ke-dek (kedekut)?"

Dalam kereta, semasa perjalanan pulang dua beradik itu sempat berbual.. Angah tanya. "so how's life Long?", lalu along bicara. "angah, life makin bertambah tanggungjawab tapi makin bahagia and happy. rasanya sblm ni kita terlalu takut utk menjadi dewasa.. sebab itu kita dikurung pada wajah hati kanak-kanak.. terlalu lama menjadi kanak-kanak, itu bukan sesuatu yang bagus..".. angah buat muka blur, waddehel along berfalsafah plak.. haha..

sebelum sampai rumah, along singgah di supermarket. Di situ along tanya pendapat angah. Dia consult angah tentang pampers baby, yang mana satu ya? antara value for money atau the best for baby..antara Pet Pet dan mamy poko dan Pampers... angah buat lawak, "alorh, angah tak study paeds lagi haha"..*padahal lawak langsung tak relevan LOL.. Tapi saat tu angah perasaan satu, walau si angah cuba buat lawak bodoh tapi dalam mata along tetap ada keseriusan, masih tegar memikirkan apa yang terbaik buat baby boynya.. cukup dengan rentetan itu, si angah keluar pasaraya, bicara pada hati.. apa aku masih belum dewasa?? tanpa dia sedari dia bermonolog luaran juga.. saat itu bahunya ditepuk dan disahut along. " tak ngah, memang kamu dewasa, tapi tidak pada akal, tanggungjwab dan pengalaman.. kamu dewasa, tapi kamu juga terlalu lama menjadi kanak-kanak."

balas angah "jadi angah perlu buang ke elemen kanak-kanak itu?".. "bukan mcm tu ngah, kdg2 elemen kanak2 tu banyak bawak kebahagiaan dalam kehidupan berkeluarga, bawa tawa ceria dalam baitul muslimmu nanti.. cumanya, jelajahlah dunia kedewasaan, mula ke depan ambil tanggungjawab.." tapi kalau tanggungjwab dlm masyarakat di Glaway angah dah lama ambil dan belajr.." balas along bingkas, " ya tapi itu masyarakat yang bagaimana? yang pandai-pandai sahaj bukan? medan masyarakt yang sebenar di sini ngah.. kalau di sana kau menderma ber-euro euro infaq dan sebagainya, lahirkanlah benda yang sama di sini.. contoh mudah tu lihat disana, ada mak cik mengendong tabung derma rumah anak yatim bangsar,kenapa ngah tak hulurkan dengan hati nan ikhlas??" "bukan begitu Long, ngah cuma skeptic takut itu fraud".. "nah lihat tu ngah, ngah tgh memberi alasan mcm anak kecil memberi alasan pd ayahnya.. menjadi dewasa juga bermaksud, kurang kan berkata, tapi laksanakan saja dgn perbuatan.. bersuara hanya bila perlu... orang yang arif, cakapnya fikir, diamnya zikir"

bisik hati kecil angah.. "wah wah, bravo!! along bicara penuh falsafah, mmg bkn along gila-gila yang dulu".. Menyambung kisah along menyambung " kalau dulu, bila di tikar sejadah mahupun lain ibadah, kita hanya fikir pahala kita saja, agar dpt lot-lot persendirian di syurga nanti.. tapi bila menjadi suami, imam pada wanita lain, makmumnya juga perlu kita titik beratkan.. ingat 'siti khadijah'mu nanti bukan sekadar sebatang rusuk yang hilang, tapi peneman rehat di jalan juang.. biar juang sampai ke syurga"..

mata si angah berkaca-kaca..ditahannya jua utk control macho.. si angah tidak menitiskan permata kerana dirinya 'belum cukup dewasa' tapi dia terharu dan bangga pd alongnya.. bisik hatinya, kalau aku mahu mengkhitbah 'siti khadijah', harus dewasa pd akal dan tanggungjwab, barulah abah mama sempoi saja bersetuju.. tapi melihat kaca diri sendiri, masih lagi berfoya-foya, masih lagi travel ke sana-sini, masih lagi buang masa dgn facebook 'whining' tentang perkara remeh temeh, cerita pd dunia segala benda... memang perlu melangkah lagi.. perlu!

lewat malam itu along tamatkan dengan sebuah cabaran "angah, kalau betul kamu bersedia menjadi imam pd makmummu, atau yakin kamu sudah siap menjadi bapa, cubalah nanny/ babysit awish esok ok? hoho"... angah dgn muka tekun "ok will see"

Keesokan hari...
awish di riba si angah, nyenyak betul lenanya.. si angah tengok saja wajah suci baby awish.. sesekali dia mencuri-curi cium pipi lembut awish.. tapi tanpa dia sedari, permata berkaca menitis ke pipi awish sambil bisik hati angah "jauh jalan menuju kedewasaan, sungguh hidup ini satu tarbiyah" tidak semena-mena diakhirinya dgn dua'

"Rabbana hablana min azwajina wa zurriyatina qurrata a'yun"...

jerit hatinya si angah " guess what along!! yes Im ready!! haha babysit awish proven successful!! hahahahaha"

p/s:But the question hit deep into my heart, it hit rock bottom!!! betulka manusia terlalu lama menjadi kanak-kanak, lambat menjadi dewasa? bila difikirkan balik, kalau semua org berfikir cara org dewasa, bersabar mcm org dewasa, kurang ikut ego dan emosi, tentulah banyak masalh rumahtangga dpt diselesaikan.. sbb skrg ni terpanggil dgn isu rate divorce sgt tinggi, i just think, mesti yg involved,m mudah dibawa emosi, kalau interrogate mesti ada elemen cemburu, nafsu, tak sabar, pukul, ego etc.. btw just my two cents.=)

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bicara angin sampaikan rindu..

tika ada di sisi,
tiap pagi tiap hari,
ada saja isu,
ada saja yang bercakar,
tapi bercakar dalam mesra..hehe

Bumi mana tak ditimpa hujan,
Lautan mana tak bergelora,
Tambah2 lagi kalau di Galway,hehe..
Hujan rintik selalu,
Angin ribut menderu..

Bila jauh di mata,
baru hati katakan rindu,
apa yang dimarah dulu,
entah apa ego yang dulu,

betul kata orang bila jauh dimata,
baru hati bertumbuh rindu,

tapi tak apa,
biar saja angin sampaikan rindu,

tapi tak apa,
angin pasti bertiup,
dari barat ke timur,
dari selat melaka hingga laut china selatan,
biar bergegar semenanjung,
angin tengkujuh pasti bertiup,

tapi tak apa,
summer pasti berlalu..

sampai masa tibanya waktu,
selepas summer pasti ditunggu,
mari beralih ke fasa yang baru,
berdirilah di sisiku,
melangkah bahagia sampai ke syurga,
sampai ke syurga....

p/s: membebel tak tentu pasal.. haha. actually dah few days in KL.. x sampai2 Sungai Petani lagi.. adoila nak sg petani.. kawan2 semua dah sampai rumah, tapi tidak aku.. cepatlah 11 jun!! I wanna go home!! as in home home!! owh and how i miss 'you'!!

Pada Doamu ada Cinta...

Hadiah terhebat bukannya jubah dari baldu,
mahupun minyak wangi terbaru,
tidak juga cincin berbatu, kayu kokka dan segalanya,
cukuplah semua itu,
diberi selalu tiap kali pulang dari baitullah.
pemberian terhebat seorang bonda bukanlah harta beribu,
tapi kasih seorang ibu,

Tiada yang lebih berharga,
dari doa seorang ibu buat anakandanya,
di jabal rahmah,
buat kesihatan, keselamatan dan 'kebahagiaan' anaknya fid dunya wal akhirah. (part kebahagiaan tu priceless. hehe=p)
apalagi abah menambah sama,
berseri-seri wajah hati anakanda,
tidur malam berbunga-bunga,
bercambah mekar di musim summer.

apa lagi yang mahu,
cukuplah doa dari insan mulia,
doa tak berhijab,
di bumi Makkah,
tempat paling mustajab..
Kerna pada doamu ada Cinta...<3

That's the best thing in world!! period.
Could'nt ask for more. =)

p/s: to abah n mama, selamat menunaikan ibadah.. Come back home faster!! owh 2 weeks please be faster!! rindu la.

Friday, May 20, 2011

It ends when you walk away..

Actually tgh stress exam.. so layan lagu atas ni.. kalau faham betul2 maksud lirik dia, that's just what Im facing.. owh crap!LOL! takdela main2 je.. but it's well composed btw. "NEXT TiME ILL BE BRAVER!!" OOYEAH!! O_o

sajak cket mlm2 neh:


You had your chance,
but you blew it away..
It all ends when you choose to walk away,
you go right, ill go left..
till someday our road crosses, then we'll see from there!!
A little tolerant might save it all..
I see no jihad without fikrah..
I see no success without oneness,
'He' always kow what's ahead of us,
May 'He' bless us all..
Wallahualam.. -_-'

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Risalah hati..

Ya Allah,
hari demi hari,
satu demi satu invitation,
hanya mampu klik attending, may be atau no..
3 invitation dlm satu hari,
ini bkn main2 lagi,
tak hairan rasa begini.. sigh

tapi malam ni,
menggeletar seluruh tubuh,
kaku daku,
tolak ke tepi buku,
hilang terus fokusku..


Dlm bersernok,
jgn dilayan perasaan ini,
mmg normal,
mmg fitrah,
tapi ingat syaitan suka peluang ini,
dada berombak,
yakin fitrah sudah menebal,
tapi jgn sekali2 berangan-angan,
nnti jadi mainan syaitan..

Ya Allah,
kuatkan aku dlm keadaan begini,
berikan kekuatan seorang 'amir'

bila tiba masanya,
pertemukan daku peneman rehat di jalan juang,
kalau dialah 'siti khadijah'
satukan kami dijalan jihad,
jika tidak jauhkan kami dari fitnah mainan syaitan

buatmu 'siti khadijah'
jagalah dirimu,

andai tertulis di Luh Mahfuz,
rusuk yg hilang itu kamu,
insyaAllah tak ke mana,
akan ku jaga diriku,
jagalah jua dirimu..
tak lama dah.. suatu hari nanti.. suatu hari nanti..hehe

aku noktahkan mlm pd surah furqan ayat 74..
Allahu Allah
"Rabbanna hablana min azwajina wa zurriyatina qurrata a'yun"
kurniakanlah yg meneduhkan hati.. Allahu Rabbi -_-'

p/s: hanya coretan mlm2 ok!! no controversy ok, hanya bersastera..=) btw blog ini mgkn akan dibiar umum sbb ada yg minta agar tak diprivatekan.. *subject may change to situation*

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mujahadah itu perlu...

"Mujahadah itu perlu,
benar kata mu,
terima kasih sahabat akhirat..
benar sekali,"

rasanya semenjak dua menjak ni, byk sggh melagha,
byk benda dibuat lari objektif,
niat tak betul semua benda x jadi..

adapun beberapa perkara utk peringatan sendiri...
Facebook yg disalah erti,
tulisan jenaka diambil serius.. susahlah..


originally I made FB account to communicate with my parent and my brother and my sis.. technically, mmg kami melawak melalui FB, kami sampaikan berita gembira sesama sendiri merentas benua.. tapi bila perbualan kami dipintas/ dibaca org lain, benda dh jd pelik... even melawak antara adik-beradik yg mmg suka berjenaka pn difaham lain.. mengusik bonda, mereka kata lain.. susah.. nak deactivate susah nnti family takleh cntct bg berita n sembang2 etc..

jd resolusi balik semula kpd objektif: It's for family so make it only for family! So dear friends, if you happen to have emergency,you can cntct me via phone or fB mesej..


originally this blog is made for self reflexion of mine, its for my future children to learn from my past not to repeat same mistakes, n be aware of this perpecahan ummah yg parah.. defintely, original intention is not to publish around.. mmg link provided utk family access blog ni but not for friends (except only for certain condition)..

secondly there is few activities happening in ths blog which make me feel uncomfortable.. STALKER ALERT! STALKER ALERT!! haha.. so in simple words, dukacita dimaklumkan dlm beberapa hari lg insyaAllah blog ini akan diprivateken.. harap maaf kpd follower yg berbesar hati mem'follow blog sampah ini..

hanya invited reader shj akn diberi access.. maaf ye.. sbb this has gone too far..
when it shouldnt be associating me in this blog with me in my real life outside, people seems cant stop doing that... they tend to take it very seriously.. it's just sastera.. I have passion in sastera, that's all..

lgpn nak exam dah kan.. dgn berbuat begini, fokus lg terfokus, krg cket melagha!! wuhuu!!

thanks to whoever been reading this junk!! enjoy n have happy live everyone!!


slm perpisahan (ayat nak sedih.LOL)

Owner of this poetic blog.. rather than pathetic..LOL

p/s: mujahadh perlukan kekuatan, semoga istiqamah!! anyway this decision is not eternal, it may change with future situation.. musim exam kan lgpun..hehe

lagu perpisahan cket~ jgn igt cinta je ye, cuba tgk maksud dia.. puitis kot, it's about life!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Wasiat Anak Muda...

Dewasakah kita?

Bestnya hidup dlm perpecahan,
Seryesly best giler dowh!! Like daaa!!!
Bestnya tgk generasi sendiri berpecah belah ikut blok2 masing2,
Perpecahan bentuk baru,

Org yg mulakan ni pasti berbangga melihat hasil kerjanya
Generasi kami berpecah.. oh wow bestnye dowh!
Generasi abah dan mama mgkin yg mulakan,
Atau sebelumnya,
Tapi angah tahu benar abah dan mama tak pernah terlibat dgn kerja menjana perpechan ni,

Kalau dulu,
Manusia dipecahkan dgn warna kulit dan nilaian bangsa,
Kesian African, teruk mereka diperhamba,
Tapi Skrg dahsyat dipecahkan pd pandangan agama,
Hebat.. halus hasil kerja!!

Lalu bila dibahas,
Ada yg katakan,
Ini mmg dh berlaku sejak zaman nabi lagi kot bro,
Even sahabat2 pun berpecah kot
Cube ko tgk perang siffin
So kau sape nak ubah semua ni?

Mengapa kau suka bicara dan hamburkan sejarah?
Mengapa tidak kita lakarkan sejarah hari ini,
Lebih cantik kita melakar sejarah ummah bersatu! Allahuakbar!!

Mmg aku bukan siapa2,
Mmg aku insan lemah,
Berharap belas kasih Allah utk syurganya,
Tapi aku tahu Allah x suka manusia berpecah-pecah

Wahai generasi muda
Jom la bersatu pleaseeeeeeeeee…..
Hentikanlah cakap manis
“asalkan kita buat kerja baik utk islam sama2 dgn cara masing-masing ”
Jangan ckp begitu,
Kalau hakikatnya kita x besatu pun..

Macam mana nak jwb dgn anak2 nanti kalau mereka Tanya..
“kenapa generasi abah x bersatu?”
lagi teruk bila kita tergamam kalau Allah yg soal..

Ya Allahu Rabbi,
Sungguh aku insan lemah,
Bukan siapa2,
Kamu Tuhanku Maha berkuasa,
Dgn RahmatMu,
Kurniakanlah perpaduan pada Ummah,
Sungguh janjiMu benar,
Sekalipun tidak sempat ku menatap perpaduan di bawah Mahadi dan Isa Ibn Maryam,
Berilah peluang padaku,
Menghidu harumnya perpaduan ummah….Amin Ya Rabbal alamin

p/s: buat adik zaid, nanti bila dah besar kalau tgk generasimu berpecah, jgn menangis tau.. doa kat Allah, mana tau kamu sempat lihat perpaduan ummah!

Buat anakku, sekiranya di zaman kamu masih ada perpecahan ini, jgn kamu iktiraf pd mreka yg sedikit pun tak mahu bertolak ansur pd ruang perpaduan.. Tanya soalan itu, kalau jwb mereka tarbiyah sering perpaduan ummah (pd agama bkn bangsa), mengiktiraf islam itu syumul tanpa nafi pd siyasah khilafah, maka berjuanglah dgn mereka
with love,

Urghh!!! Annoying nya peprpecahan!!!!!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Nota Cinta buat Kekasih..♥

Yang pertama mengajarku membaca,
Jauh sblm ke bangku sekolah,
Aku mengenal wuduk solat darimu,
Jauh awal dari kelas KAFA,

Mengajarku berlagu,
Pada bhs Al-Quran,
Dengan nada indah,
Pada ayat keterangan-Nya

Kaulah guru,
Yang mendidik kami dgn Al-Quran,
Yang menghias hati dgn iman,

Pernah dulu daku katakn,
Aku mahu ‘dia’ seperti kamu,
Semulia jiwamu, penyayang sepertimu,
Cinta semekar dirimu,
Peneduh hati selebarmu,

Tapi kamu menggeleng lembut tiada bersetuju,
Katamu, jgn cari seperti daku,
Carilah yang setinggi ‘siti khadijah’,
Lagi megah sakinah mawaddah wa rahmah,
Katamu, dlam berjuang, jgn lupa mencari ‘siti khadijah’, (hehe=P)

Yang mencubit dgn kasih,
Yang merotan hanger dgn sayang,
Yang mendidik dgn iman..

Insan mulia,
Tinggi kesabaran,
Dgn perangai nakal kami

Cinta kasihku,
Mengenalkanku pada kehidupan,

Aku sayang dia Ya Allah..

Selamat hari Ibu mommy! Hari-hari pun hari ibu.. Sayang juta2 byk2 mcm laut..♥ =)

p/s: menangi hati ibumu, maka kamu memenangi syurga.. =)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sweet Grannie!! Now you make my heart cries!!

*barangkali ini lah biew adventure mereka!*

Ptg tadi ada satu sweet insiden di cardiothoraxic clinic yg membuat hati berdebar-debar, narrow tachy.. v-fib terus… at this moment asystole!! LOL

Dua beradik nenek tua Irish yg sweet bertongkat masuk ke consultation room, nenek Irish pertama tu dlm umur 80-70-an (kakak), granni kedua yg menemani patient tu berumur dlm 70-60-an(adik perempuan)… Lalu SHO (Senior Health Officer aka Dr) tu biarla aku dgn patient ni beserta adik perempuan dia utk diambil history. Lalu aku pun mulakan langkah mengorek history, tapi history lain yg terkorek..

Mcm biasa, med student mesti tau ayat skema open ended dan segala bagai.. so aku mulakan “are you from Galway?”.. diorg jawab “no, we’re from Co. Clare.”
Ok la fine, so teruskan ke ayat kegemaran “what brought you here..” tapi belum sempat dimulakan pertanyaan, nenek yg patient tu mencelah, “Where’re ye from?”
Lalu aku jawab, “owh am from Malaysia, far far away across the globe..hehe” lalu semua tertawa..

Kemudian nenek tu sambung, “I’ve been to Malaysia, well actually I’ve been A MALAYSIAN!”.. aku jd kelu n x yakin dgn statement nenek tu lalu Tanya “what do you mean??” sambil kening terjerut.. Maka nenek tu pun mulakan penceritaan hikayat Pengembaraan Seorang nenek Irish ke Malaya….


“…..Once upon a time.. (ok tipu dia x mula mcm ni pun.haha).. It was 1960’s long before you were born, (aku mencelah, well in 1960, even my mom was’nt born as well.. hehe).. semua gelak golek2.. pastu dia sambung..

“It was a very young country, Malaysia was really young.. but very beautiful.. one of beautiful land I’ve ever a virgin! Hehe” (dlm hati masa time ni aku x convince lg dgn grannies ni..may be dia reka cerita)

So aku pun Tanya.. what’ye doin’ in Malaysia at that time?

“I was working as voluntary nurse to help a newly-born nation. I work in Hospital Kluang…. (aku terkejut beruk kejap, sbb dia pronounce kluang mcm org melayu sejati..siap ada unsur slang jawa lg.. ok iawa tu hyperbola sket..hoho).

ok fine la, aku bisik dlm hati, ek elh, possible je nenek ni tgk dlm wikipedia..LOL

Pastu dia sambung, “ I work as Obs&Gynae specialist nurse back then (macam mak bidan la kot). you know what, one thng I miss most in Malaysia is Malaysian Babies.. they’re the cutest baby in the whole wide world (dia ckp seniri ok, ada air mata berkaca kejujuran di mata).. aku masa tu mcm sikit terconvince, jd tanya “ Why’s that?” pastu nenek comel tu pun kata.. “ I’m not quite sure why, they’re just gorgeous, may be because when they were born, they have this kind of ‘silky black’ hair.. it’s too adorable. (aku bisik dlm hati, org melayu sebuk2 colur rambut blonde/kelabu tahi anjing/merah etc, even aku personally berminat dgn rambut brunette (tapi setakat kagum je la.. tapi org putih suka dgn rambut hitam dan kulit tanned org melayu.. satu pengajaran aku dpt, ciptaan Allah SEMUA cantik2, tapi kita je x pernah bersyukur)

Nenek comel tu sambung lg, “I was in Malaya for 5-6 years and in 1960, ye have to come in from Singapura airport because no proper airport in Kuala Lumpur (kali ni aku terkejut biawak pasir plak, dia pronounce KL n singapura mcm org melayu kampung Pandan..LOL).. It was quite an adventure back then, we went to the east coast, Terengganu, swimming with the turtles, I remember back then there were two soldiers came to us saying it’s not safe to swim because of shark or jellyfish I don’t quite remember…

Then we went to Terendak.. (ini mmg saat jantung aku V-fib trus.. dia sebut terendak.. terendak? Sekecil2, sehulu2 area ni dia tau, takkanlah ada terendak dlm wikipedia..ahaha.. dia pronounce mmg macho melayu habeslah).. We were trekking in Terendak.. At that time there were accompanied by army as well because at that time.. (dia x habeskan ayat, aku angguk fhm, mgkn zmn komunis kot..)

“At that time, I don’t like Singapura, Hong Kong and Melaka because they’re too crowded.. but Melaka was brilliant, we saw lots of Portuguese traces back there.”

Then we drove up to the north Malaysia as well in late 1960’s( aku menympuk gembira! “Yes north!! Im from north!!hooray!” .. dia sambung balik “ I own a car at that time.. we went to Penang! It’s really nice.. where you from in the nrth?” aku jwb bgga, “Im from Kedah..” Nenek tu sahut excited.. “owh kedah, I know Kedah, it’s next to Penang!! I’ve been there.” (masa ni aku mmg convincelah, nenek Irish ni mmg legend, sebutan bhs melayu, mantop Montoya.)

Aku mencelah sbb curious, “can ye both speak Malay?”.. she replied” I was good with Malay back then, but now I kinda forget most of the words.. but I remember some like “nasi goreng, nasi lemak, laksa, sate, apa kabar etc…” (aku jawdropped! Cara dia pronounced semua tu mmg melayu habes! Irish bicara Melayu, pertama dlm hidup!! Hebat Allah Taala, Hebat betul dia design rangka kehidupan seseorang manusia..)

Aku Tanya lg “Isn’t it too hot/warm in Malaysia for ye both?” Diorg jawab comel,” well it was windy, no it wasnt hot at all. But Hong Kong was even hot n dry than Malaysia.. (aku senyum, kembang semangkuk)

“There was one buildingin Kula Lumpur looks like mosque but not mosque.. what’s the name?.. “ aku menyampuk “national mosque, KLCC? (LOL cam bangang, semua dia atas mana wujud lg in 1960’s..LOLOL.. pastu aku tnay “Is there any field/square in front of the building? Dia jwab excited “yes2!” aku suggest “ Bangunana Sultan Abdul Samad??.. Nenek tu amazingly reply “yup it’s Bnagunana Sultan Abdul Samad..(aku dh tak larat terkejut dah.lenguh dah jawdropped. dia pronounce seketul2 melayu.. pasrah je la dgn nenek comel neh, akuilah, mmg dia pernah jd Malaysian.. sorak dlm hati “nenek berdua mmg legend arr!! Mmg rawkz arr korang”

Aku Tanya,” xbalik ke Malaysia ke visit kwn2 lama? Dirog reply "we went back in 1990’s but no one left, most of them passed away.. aku angguk dlm hati“owh.. ye la life expectancy Msia mmg lg singkat”

Nenek tu sambung lg “ I was in Malaysia for 4-5 years, then I was transfered to Nepal.. so It was such an adventure.. This is my adventure, what about you boy??”

Nenek berdua tu senyum tgk aku, aku senyum balik sambil bisik dlm hati.. “skrg nilah adventure saya, adventure di Galway..adventure in Europe, adventure menjadi doktor muslim berjaya.. gaye berkobar2!“ muhasabah dlm hati “nenek berdua ni berpeluang tgk generasi mama n abah membesar (my parent) dan juga tgk generasi aku membesar(sampai aku skrg sebaya umur dia dulu di Msia)..

“terbayng2 di depan mata, will I tell my story to 2 generations down in future.. cepatnya n singkatnya sebuah hayat kehidupan! Cukup ke amalan nak ke ‘sana’??”


Ending cerite ni x best cket sbb lepas tu pintu bilik consultation dibuka lembut.. aku nmapak wajah eager SHO( Dr) tu.. pastu dia Tanya “ Are you ready to present the case?” bisik dlm hati “OMG, am so dead!! Sweet Grannie!! Now you make my heart cries!!” T-T

p/s: aku pun tak pernah smpai Terendak!! ada mrsm je pun LOL! btw, aku x present pun case kt SHO tu, takkan nak present history nenek ni menjadi msian plak kan?/ ahaha.. what a day!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Inikah cinta?

Saat itu,
Kulihat wajah mu,
Hati tergugah,

Aku jadi sangsi akan rasa ini,
Lalu daku selami sastera hatimu,
Agar hati kita bicara,
Kita jadi petah nan ramah,
Hati berbunga dan cinta pun bercambah

Kata orang kalau mahu mencintai,
Kenali dulu hati budinya,
Begitu juga kamu,
kalau mahu ketahui sesebuah watan, pelajari bahasanya

sedekad lalu, hati tertaut pada adabmu
Tiada Islam dlm ID mu, Tapi sepertinya subur dlm jiwamu
Benar dulu kamu menjajah watanku,
Memang aku marah,
Tapi cinta bisa menukar amarah jadi ramah,

Saat dulu,
Tsunami merenggut nendaku,
Kamu tidak tertawa,
Tak berderai hilai tawa,
Kamu hulurkan simpati kemanusiaan,
Aku jadi kaget, betapa adab kamu seperti muslim
Wahai mentari terbit

Tapi kini, tsunami menggegar asasmu,
Ku mohon maaf bg pihak mereka yg mentertawamu,
Sggh mereka tidak benar megerti apa itu tsunami,
Maafkan mereka,

Barangkali Mereka tidak pernah berjalan dlm runtuhan,
Barangkali mereka tidak tahu apa perasaan
Berjalan dicelah selut hitam tsunami
Barangkali mereka tak tahu
Bagaimana rasanya melihat taman permainan sewaktu kecil,
Hancur musnah.
Barangkali juga
Mereka belum pernah mengucup yang tercinta direnggut tsunami..

Sggh mereka tidak mengetahui,
Maafkan mereka,

Bumi Meiji,
Kamu bangsa kuat,
Pernah bangkit berkali-kali,
Di celah runtuhan sama,
Kamu bangkit megah,

Di celah debu bencana,
Kamu maju,
Jauh lebih maju dari yg mentertawa,
Kamu samurai,
Bangkitlah semula,
Bina semula,
Taburkanlah bunga minda kelas pertama pd semua,
Kamu sudh punya adab Islami,
Indahnya jika akidah pun sama..
Ibarat sakura di musim bunga,
Kamu pasti bercambah megah
seperti pasca WWII dahulu…

[Ya Allah buka hati mereka pd risalahMu. Amin]

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ya anakku, mari abah ceritakan...

Ya anakku,
Saat abi tulis memo ini,
kamu belum ada lagi..
Andai kamu baca ini nanti
Sungguh abah syg kamu <3

Ini cerita semasa kecil abah dan pak long kamu,
Zaman kanak2 kami penuh diwarnai lagu2 nasyid..
sedap betul semuanya..
Kalau naik kereta,
atuk dan nenek kamu terpaksa tahan telinga,
dengar kami nyanyi nasyid sambil ikut irama kaset.
oh ya zaman tu guna kaset, tak ada cd tak ada mp3,
ipod iphone semua berdekad jauh lagi..

di bawah semua lagu kegemaran kami buat halwa telinga kalian..
Abah dulu mmg rock sket semua lagu pun layan..
tapi nasyid ini, bila abi jumpa kembali masa umur 23 tahun,
air mata jatuh pecah berkaca-kaca,
bkn sentimental,
tapi abi menangis mengenagkan masa yg berlalu,
sungguh anakku,
masa berlalu pantas..
jadi kerjakan tugas mu, jangan bertangguh..
zaman kanak2 mu keluarlah, mainlah sepuasnya,
kerna dari semua itu kamu belajar..
mainlah selut dan lumpur,
pergi ke bendang serkap ikan haruan, pergi ke laut carilah kepah
kerna abi dulu juga begtu..
dari itu kamu akan mengenal kehidupan..
satu pesan Abah, biar tinggi bintang digapai, jangan lupa akar di bumi, jangan lupa laut direnangi..

uhibbuki ya aulad<3

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

kau bukan lagi primadonaku...

Saat kenali mu,
Lembut tingkah mu,
Mutiara bagai bicaramu..

Senyum pun tak seghairah,
Gerak gaya pun tak selincah,
Bagai ada rasa membakar merah,
Bagai jiwa pejuang dalam darah..

Kamu kata itu untuk semua,
Ku soal tentang bersatu kamu tertawa,
Tak mengapa,
Aku tak terasa..

Semakin daku kenalimu,
Seperti itu bukan kamu,
kamu dengar dan kamu fikir..
tapi dgn emosi,
bknnya dengan akal dan hati..
kerna pilihan bukan semudah memutar dadu kehidupan..

Kau hujankan bicara,
Kita tetap kawan,
Tapi beza sggh layanan,
Tapi takpa,

Ego tkkan ke mana,
Lemparkan ego mu di sungai corrib,
Bawa berbincang,
Semakin kamu fanatik kumpulan,
Sungguh kita kian pincang,

Kita semua manusia,
Bukan malaikat,
Sggh hormatku padamu sebagai seorag teman,
Tapi hormatku lebih pada teman seperjuangan,
Jangan kau tanyakan lagi,
Andai suatu hari kita menjarak
Kerna istilah 'satu' bagi kamu itu 'banyak',
'satu' itu shj doaku,

Maaf buat kini,
kerna kau bukan lagi primadonaku..

Monday, January 31, 2011

Kerna rasa itu tak pernah padam...


Kamu di sana,
Dibalik runtuhan dan rusuhan,
Dibalik kereta yang dibakar,
Sungguh kamu bertuah,
Dipilih Allah utk diuji,

Kamu di sana,
Hingga kini,
Tiada berita aku dengari,
Tentang dirimu,
Di Cairo kah?
Di Alexandria kah?
Di Mansoura kah?
Atau masih di Tanta?

Kamu di sana,
Daku baik-baik saja di sini,
Di Galway sekarang dingin,
Selesa daku bertemankan heater,
Berselimutkan duvet,
Berita tentangmu ku ambil ringan pada mulanya,
Tak ku sangka,
Rusuhan kecil membakar marak revolusi Islam,

Kamu di sana,
Jangan menangis,
Andai ada peluru sesat menyinggahi dirimu,
Pejamkan mata,
Ingatlah Allah,

Kamu di sana,
Janganlah turut sama terlibat,
Berarak mencemuh Mubarak,
Kerana daku perlukanmu,
Untuk terlibat di tanahair,

Kamu di sana,
Sayangku padamu tak setanding,
Sayangnya Allah pada dirimu,

Kamu di sana,
Andai lapar menjengah perutmu,
Ceritakan padaku,
Agar dapat kutangisi ketika enak menjamah makan malam ku,

Kamu di sana,
Berlindunglah kalau itu mahumu,
Keluarlah dari bumi Anbiya’ itu,
Jika itu mahumu,
Tapi perhatilah mereka,
Belajarlah dari mereka,
Siapa tahu kamu dpt mulakan yang sama,
Di bumi tercinta,

Biar dekad berlalu,
Kau dan aku saling berdiam,
Tiada bicara,
Tiada berhubung,
Rasa itu tak pernah padam….

Monday, January 17, 2011

It's 23rd!!=)

The day has come again,
Years have passed,
It's 23rd birthday,
a long journey,
worth for me to question myself,
what have I learn from this life,
Hw much do I spent for Islam,

Things to remember (and not to repeat again n try to get away as far as possible):
1. In life, the more you know a person, the more you notice how uncomfortable/annoyed you were to be with that person.. haha.. but sometimes when you're lucky enough, you'll meet the one that has most compatible behaviour with you, who really understands you and you understand the person. Trust me, it's just out there. Discover it yourself! I've had mine discovered..ehehe

2. Eyes will always spread lies to your brain by tricking your heart.. It's true enough that eye really deceiving our iman in whatever we're doing. tapi, apa salahnya kalau sedap di pandang dek mata, tak gitu.LOL

3.It does matter to work along the person who think alike just like you.. if you're a very 'santai2' @ lek lek luu kind of individual, you'll struggle to work with a very structured, rigid, well plan individual.. take any example, may it be persatuan or assignment, definitely there will be outcome, mmg penuh senyuman dan gelak tawa lucu.. tapi dlm proses, dkt dlm hati sabar jelah even you're actually not enjoying the moment but in fact try to fake your smile giving the air of you're ok but you're actually not

4. The world is bigger than you think. Trust me, out there from your town, there's alot more good people you should know.. So go out and discover the world..better character in outside world. The market is huge and possibilities are soo wide.. so dont rush with choices. =p

5. satu lagi kalau pegang amanah, laksanakanlah betul2.. jgn violate amanah, Allah tak suka..kdg2kita pegang byk2 sampai tak mampu nak buat, atas alasan sibuk, @ ek leh lgpun aku pegang sbb Islam Ok!.. ni contoh je, tapi seryes, kalau tak mampu jgn pegang, Allah tak suka org pecah amanah.. bkn soal duit shj, segala segi perlu dititikberatkan, i.e tak buat program tapi kutip yuran beriya..ini kesilapan saya tahun lepas.. mmg mengaku.. pegang bila mmg boleh buat.. kalau x boleh bg kpd yg boleh.. tapi jgn sampai dijadikan utk x pegang apa2 pu.. ini kes lg berat, mmg bkn setakat Allah tak suka, org pun x suka. owh aku pun x suka dgn org camni.hehe

being 23 means, it's time for me to get out there and not be afraid of making mistakes, so that I'll learnt. that's how you'll learnt.. I have learnt my lesson, not gonna be deceived anymore. sebab tu lah org kata, nak buat apa pun, tgk islam dulu baru buat apa nak dibuat.. bukan buat dulu baru tgk kena x dgn islam..because I believe Islam is not rigid, but it's very flexible.. but in a way it's not LIBERAL plak ok.

cantik nya utk bermuhasabah, tgklah kpd diri sendiri jugak.. kalau buat silap mengakulah dan inprovelah.. manusia mmg punya ego utk akui kesilapannya, tapi ego takkan membawa ke mana

.. last but not least, just relax, seat back and have fun!! thank You Allah for my colourful life=)

"it's time to spread you wing and fly, bird's eye view is one of the best way to say this life.."

"before you leap, picture yourself where you'll be standing".. let us fly high in whatever we're doing.. smile! it always helps..=)

-MFMB @ 23thn 2 hari-

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

When snow falls...

When snow falls,
I think of you,
Hoping for you to be safe,

When the car skidded,
drifting on the thin ice,
I think of you,
Hoping for you to be safe,

When my flight was cancelled,
I was broken-hearted,
I think of you,
Hoping for you to be safe,

When I was wandering around Dublin,
With hot choc in my hand,
it was serene and comfy,
I think of you,
Hoping for you to be safe,

When I slept next to the chimney,
enjoying every second of my night,
I think of you,
Hoping for you to be safe,

But then I startled,
The structures are ALL wrong,

when snow falls,
I think of You,
Hoping for me to be safe,
Praying for my safety,
because everything happens for a reason,
silver lining in every snow storm,
because You are the best planner,
Allah is great!

[winter full of lessons..=)]