Friday, May 20, 2011

It ends when you walk away..

Actually tgh stress exam.. so layan lagu atas ni.. kalau faham betul2 maksud lirik dia, that's just what Im facing.. owh crap!LOL! takdela main2 je.. but it's well composed btw. "NEXT TiME ILL BE BRAVER!!" OOYEAH!! O_o

sajak cket mlm2 neh:


You had your chance,
but you blew it away..
It all ends when you choose to walk away,
you go right, ill go left..
till someday our road crosses, then we'll see from there!!
A little tolerant might save it all..
I see no jihad without fikrah..
I see no success without oneness,
'He' always kow what's ahead of us,
May 'He' bless us all..
Wallahualam.. -_-'

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