Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Fairytale: Unmask the Masks of Ignorant

On a fairytale land call Happily ever after, there is no such thing as happily ever after.. perhaps there is, in Hereafter..

"robbana a tina fiddunya hasanah, wa fil akhira ti hasanah, waqina a'za bannar"....

Astagfirullah hal azim.. astaghfirullah hal azim.. astagfirullah hal azim..

below is an excerpt from a diary of a traveller.

Disclaimer: It might be my my excerpt, It cud be somebeody elses.. so keep your mind open while reading this. =)

Masks of human and how I choose to deal with them..


It has been 3 years abroad, I have been observing how does people act and react abroad. My circles of concerns and circles of influence are filled with the so call 'genius' of the country, the best our country could give (that's what they said anyway). Where do I observe? Simple! it's mainly on Facebook(people are more sincere and transparent of their stand on FB). Also observed in Galway, Ireland and UK. This writing is not intent to hurt anyone's feeling, it is just a reminder for me, that masks of human do exist, hence deal with it appropriately. Anyway despite all differences, I believe Allah has His own unique way of testing our patience about this 'perpecahan ummah'.. who will give up, or who will give their self up to Him.

Firstly, I do not intent to classify people, because who the heck am I to classify people, but it turns out that people do tend to classify themselves according to the group that their favour (may it be intentionally or unintentionally)!

The A'bid
This kind of friends, I notice they only favour to talk about da'wah and Islam..It is GOOD!! They'd rather promotes each other to do more ibadah, as the belief is that if each one of us has solid iman, then all of us will be representing a good ummah.. Maratib amal? ahh it steps by steps.. talking about siyasah? it's like lets do more ibadah, politics? just a discussion no need to get involved with it.

My personal issue with this group of friends is that I personally feels that Islam is not about being in the mosque ONLY, I believe siyasah is an utterly important element of living.. Been discusing with, because politics back at home sort of dirty, it lessen their interest in it. I have once ask Syeikh Khalid, Imam of Galway Mosque, a fellow friend about my a'bid friends, what he said "For A'bid, just let them do their ibadah, let them be in mosque.."

so how do I deal with it? Let them be.. there no point of wasting time explaining the important of siyasah. When i asked, they have a slot in usrah discussing latest political issue.. politics is just an issue to discuss, not to be apart to change the course of it towards islamic political way..If Dr Yusoff Qaradhawi can't convince 'em, who am I to do it. LET THEM BE!! THEY ARE STILL FRIENDS OF MINE. JUST FRIENDS, THAT'S THE WAY IT SHOULD STAY..I presumed.

The Islamist+Racist
Currently on FB, I have been eyeing on this particular group. I'm not sure what I have seen is the stand of this group or just a potrayal of akhlak of one of this particular member. This group is quite islamic but in another believe that this malay race (malay supremacy)is sort of far more superior than the rest in country.. It's like ruling party's religious affairs committee... sort off.. What I have seen, this friend of mine, keep on posting status or links that criticizing the mainstream islamist party.. having said that, he tend to claim that he's from independent side, where he would criticize or praised everyone if they deserved it. However, I noticed he's condemming relentlessly, controversially raising anger from others. sort off irony because, he 's been shouting of unity in muslim in our country, but sarcasticly putting away from unity.. weird! anyway, to be fair and husnuzon, may be has his own way of doing thing, may be by annoying people, he gets to his objective

so how do I deal with this?? Take wudhu' after reading his post, prevent myself to comment or wasting time discussing with him.. no point arguing in ignorance.. anyway, I do proud that I'm Malay, but I'm more proud to be Muslim. Plus IM NOT RACIST!!

The independent

Lots of my friends are thinkers. I respect of their way of thinking and principles.. I too myself used to be in this stream (i think,or may be i was thinking childishly), before time changes the course. The way of thinking is not to be fanatic in any group.. sort off more independence like and free lance thinking.. My friends in this stream are very good, sometime they remind every side when people start to go the extreme of the believe.. it's good to think that they keep people in check and balance.. However, when I was there, i notice this way of thinking require a lot of istighfar (not just this, everyone of us shud istighfar everyday for we may did mistakes without notice).. One question that bother me most is "Is this what what Allah want me to do?? Is this what Allah wants me to think?? I know we always think, but remember not all we thinks are the right things. =)

so how do I deal with it? These are very good friends to be with, they makes you thinks, and they have a great potential if used in good and islamic way (not in radical way)

Those who I consider as Family
Ok, this may sound a bit biased.. You know when you met friends, where their way of thinking (fikrah) yet their way of acting are EXACTLY THE SAME as yours? Like 100% same. These are the one i considered family.. why did I say so.. because when people thinks alike, the gets closer like blood brothers. Why I say this because, you know I have seen some 'plastic' brotherhood (sorry if its harsh), where people get close to you, treating you like 'jambu' and 'main belon' then try to influence or doctrinate you to their stream.. But I have found some friends who believe ibadah and siyasah runs together. who actually sometime have perangai 'gila-gila'just like me as well.. it's where, money does not matter (x berkira), whom our families know each others families, the same stream where my mom and my dad are in as well without forcing me into it.. you know it suits you, when you hearts say's so, you dont listen to other indoctrination, it's when you know, where this jihad in life gonna lead. It when it did not segregate you from the reality, it teaches you, that you dont have be politician to do siyasah, but joins medical teams for example 'skuad kito cakno' and starts giving to the people in helping the islamic administration? which admisnidtration? let me be completely honest its my state admin Kedah and the sister state Kelantan! usrah? do it weekly, it's for you, but dont forget to give to the people...
so how do i deal with people?? Like I said, other that family back home in malaysia, THIS ARE MY FAMILIES!!! WHY? WE THINKS ALIKE, AND I LOVE IT!

The Innocent

Despite off all I wrote on the above, There are friends of mine, whom I feel guilty for them.. I do not like to indoctrinate people.. I only want people to be on the same line as i did by their hearts, not by 'rasa terhutang budi pd abg' or 'rasa takut hilang kawan' or etc. I will never (or at least i will try not to) force people! I didnt like the feeling of being forced or treated 'jambu'-ly few years back, knor i will never to that to others.. be completely fair to everyone.. you know about inform consent, give all the info's that required, and leave the decision to them, let them istikharah. let Allah whisper to their heart.. dont force 'em, dont 'kepit2' 'em.. be fair and just

p/s: before when I was young (1ST year), I was filled with hatred and annoyed with the people who segregate people.. I was like literally, deleting these kind of people from my life.. but time changes the course it's like ' JUST SHUT UP, AND LET US DO OUR JOB!IF THEY WANNA TELL FACEBOOK THAT THEY HAVE GOOD IMAN THAT DAY OR HAVE PRAYED 20 TIMES THAT DAY, LET THEM BE.. IF THEY WANNA BRING HATRED AND ANGER ON fb STATUS, LET THEM BE.. LETS JUST CONTINUE WITH OUR RESPONSIBILTY.. lots of love to all =)

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