Monday, July 4, 2011

When the world...

klik background song ni dulu pastu baru baca ok, baru feel sikit!! LOL *kidding

DISCLAIMER: hanya bebelan sastera mlm2 saja ok!

When the world revolves,
Sun and moon interchange,
as stars linger around,
It's when love gloom,
and hearts grow, (cardiomegaly? LOL)
it's when absence,
make our hearts grow fonder,

When the world was gloomy for me,
the rest of the world joyously celebrating,
you see my problem, right in my eyebrows,
you spotted it, pretty well.

When the world hits me,
down till rock bottom,
you comfort me,
giving all the motivation I need to stood back on my knees.

When the world silently didnt notice,
You come up with cheap and adorable way,
of saying happy birthday,
I do not care of the gift, but remembrance is everything,
That single bar of chocolate seems to be the sweetest gift of all,
sweetest thing of all. (anyway i do got sweet tooth haha =p)

When the world sees nothing in my paintings,
you stood by me, giving critics that builds me,
You don't just respect my hobby,
but you embrace it.. just so you know, you are my best critics,
you are the brush to my canvas,
criticizing with love,
that's just cute!♥

just wait, it's not gonna be long.. =)

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