Sunday, August 8, 2010

will you...

If I'll be travelling around the world,
Exploring possibilities,
Widening the experience,
Will you be next to me?

When I'm having my first solo art exhibition,
Enjoying the prestige and joy of the big dream,
And in need of someone to share the moment,
Will you be next to me?

When I am circling around,
Tawaf-ing baitullahil haram,
Praising the Almighty,
Will you be next to me?

When I'm in the labour ward,
Racing against all odds and risks,
Anxiously waiting for the first child,
Will you be next to me? (or is it the other way

When I am having hard time dying,
Bracing for the afterlife,
And yes that marks the end for me,
not as "in health or in sickness" as promised,
Will you still be next to me?

but it all comes back to this..

When I'm on my knee,
Pulling out a ring,
On a romantic dinner,
Will you be my half?? Lol..

To be or not to be, that is a question. ehehe

note: tiada kena mengena dgn yg hidup atau yg telah mati. cuma tulisan random sbb dpt ilham atas PLUS highway kl-sp Lol!! way to go PLUS highway!!ahaha

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